Complicated Personality

Santa Susana Tarweed, Hemizonia minthornii, vu...

She shields herself with the Berlin wall

She wants no closeness

Vulnerable on the inside and vicious on the outside

Afraid on the inside but brave on the outside

Shields herself from people but craves affection

Young but mature

Intelligence but irrational

Love being pampered but loves to be in control

Living a contradictory life is her virtue

Squander irresponsibly but abhor compassion

Afraid of the dark but wont clinch to transparency

I admire and despise her

She is beautiful but ugly



Life is a journey, and it has no meaning when you stop believing it.

A girl from a small town has a dream and she keeps going everywhere to make her dreams come true.

Don't Stop Believing

She was exposed to a lot of shits, going from a close door to another, a music on her Ipod keeps telling her not to stop believing. She gets the boost she needed form the power of her Ipod, thanks to Apple.

The world is always a game, she knew she will lose and win some, been to everywhere and ready to go anywhere, just to keep her dreams alive.

She smells of  streetlights, the sunshine from the day and stars of the night.

Walking aimlessly throughout the city. She almost forgot what she was in the big city for.

The people appear fake, even everything seems a lie.

The streetlights, the cars, the houses, the PEOPLE!

Not knowing anyone makes her feel lonely, she was at a crossroad without knowing where to go.

She would not stopped believing, she knows it’ s just a matter of time, the open door is somewhere, she just needs to find it.

Don’t Stop Believing!!!


Out of Reach

Near but far away

He makes me feel vulnerable standing in front of me

I feel my heart burning with desire because I couldn’t tell him how I feel about him

His possible rejection scares me to death

Saying his name makes me happy and sad

There he is, in front of me, and I have an urge to move forward and kiss him

He seems lost and needs rescuing, but I could not help him and this kills me.

My legs were too weak to go to him

I tried all I could to move and touch him,

Just my touch is all he needed

My strength could not carry me to him

My feelings and desire for him is eating me up

I want him and has always wanted us to become one

There he is, waiting for me, and I stretch forth my hands but couldn’t reach him

I was just bloody weak to go to him

Someone else comes along and led him away

He is gone

What a shame!

… And I opened my eyes, and I felt my heart popping its way out of me.

I have … him



Words – Where I grew-up is like an egg when spoken cannot be taken back, immediately broken, and cannot be scooped.

Words makes the world go around.

It makes peace and it creates war.

It brings about love and hatred

Word makes us laugh and makes us cry

It makes us agitated and relaxes us

It makes us go an extra mile and otherwise

It breaks us and makes us strong

Words is a tool of destruction and restructure

Le mot, it makes us wanna talk to you more and makes us never wanna see you again

It is a powerful tool that brings the universe together

It brings out the beauty in diversities of life

It creates existence and leads to demise

Choice of it makes forceful impact

It is full of life

It binds and tears apart

Words are like two-edged sword that brings love and assurance

Words are sharp and can cut sharply and deep into the soul

Word is beautiful,

Enough of it is never enough


Won’t give up

How many times have you thought of giving up

We have come so far

I look up to you to make this work

Even if the road is rough

I still look up to you

I will give you some space when you want it

But I wont give up

I have put in so much to make it work

Am not about to give up

No matter how rough it becomes

I will keep looking up to you

Because you still bring out the fire in me

How many times have you tried to save us

You kept  making excuses

You never cared as much as I do

But no room for me to give up

I am tough for both of us

I will strive to carry us on

But, how much do you plan to be with us

Stop being a chameleon

I told myself never to give up

I am both strong for us

All you have to do is not to cut me off

As long as you give me little of your time

I will bring out that light in you

I know you

I know how to bring you back to me

Allow the lesser light to burn

Love of writing…Art



It has been a long time since I updated my blog, more than a month I think. Work has been hectic, and the little time I have, I crave for some rest, and just thought about using some magic to update my blog, but am no harry potter. And I have missed writing like a lot.

Writing is an art that I love with passion, and it is very sad that I get to do what I love less everyday by day. So sad…

Bravo to every writer, even if you don’t have a published work. some write for money while some write for fun.

For me, it is all about fun, doing what I love to do, and people read it and get my ideas passed to them as intended, this is call writing, which is written ideas passed from someone to another to bring about communications and the product of this is that it could lead to any kind of emotions

I think, the most brilliant people of this world are writers, could be of books, movies, poems, TV show, or editors. Wherever you fall in-to, I doff my hat to you, all I could ever pray for is to be that writer who everyone wants to read what she says, this will be a dream come true for me.
What could I ever ask for if not manipulating my words in such a way that people will be amazed when they read me.

I just love when I watch a movie, read a book, or whatever I read, and I say to myself after reading it, ‘wow, this guy is great, how did he ever thought of this idea’.
This is what am talking about, great ideas into writing, not just writing but knowing how to use your ideas, and how to dot your T’s and I’s. when to make your reader tense, laugh or cray, whatever expression you want to create. This includes good musics.

Many people are out there with great works, probably waiting to be discovered, you don’t have to wait to get published, allow people to read your work, this is how discovery comes about.

I love to be a comedy writer someday, this kind of talent is magical, being able to write and make another person laugh in my absent, its absolutely awesome. I guess this is why; my best movies or shows ever will always be comedies.

Keep dreaming girl.

Anyway, I hope am back to updating my blog weekly.
I HopE!


FaCtS of FriEndShiP

English: me and my friend

English: me and my friend (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A friend is an asset

A friend drives you to Excellence

You are naked before a friend with confidence

U call a friend at any time, day/night and anywhere

A friend tells you things you never know

A friend is there for you all the time

A friend is an asset you should keep and used judiciously

Real Intimacy grows from true friendship

A friend takes your problem upon himself

You tell a friend what you can’t tell your blood relations

A blood relation can also be a friend

A friend is seen like a sister or brother

Woe is anyone without a friend

Woe is anyone who is lonely

Loneliness kills, so get a friend

Becareful when you chose your friends

Human friendship is not perfect,

To have a good friendship,

You need to understand your friends

A friend is someone you are proud of.

Understanding, respect and honesty are the key factors in friendship

Be happy, make a friend(s).





Dealing with multiple emotions

I have been overwhelmed with work lately, I had not time to write, each time I have ideas in my head, and I simply create a getaway from all the troubles and think about my characters. I got lazy about writing after sometime but I knew I would eventually pick up my laptop and write. So I have no idea of what to write right now, then I got caught in some emotional stuffs, and thought, the girl with multiple emotions.

Dealing with several feelings doesn’t exactly tell you who you are but it sets you up until you lose your person, the idea of who you really are eludes you, and you keep thinking of what should you should do next, how did you get yourself to this point, which is the right way for you,

You get confused with so many feelings that burn inside you and at the end, you can’t make a decision, such is the world of so many people.

Vulnerability is a temporary disease if you ask me, you should pray not to get caught up in this state, because most times, you do things that you are ashamed of or you never want to remember again.

I remember sometimes when I had issues with my ex-boyfriend, within the same time frame, I was involved with another guy, and this was due to my vulnerability, ordinarily, I would near the new guy. I hated myself afterwards, and I asked myself ‘gee what was I thinking’ and I have always regretted ever being with him, it was disgusting.

There are so many things I don’t want to talk about, but I just want you to know that we all have multiple emotions even if you deny it. I have heard so many guys ask, ‘do you have mood swings?’ The truth is, who doesn’t, of course many times, I will say no, but that is a lie.

The earlier you accept that you do experience mood swings the better for you baby.

Mood swing is not limited to women, but extends to men of all ages and this could be due to different factors.

The only bad thing about mood swings is when you tend to wallow in it, and feel self-pity, and use that medium as your wonderland. The mood swing for me should be a state where you feel sorry, even though frustrated or dejected, you should reflect in it and see how you could make changes to what is it that puts you there in the first place.

I will write more on this but if you got some mood swing situations, you could share with the readers.

You lose some & Win some

The GAME!!!

We live in a world full of war, uncertainties, disasters and outrageous crimes. For survival, you need a certain mindset, have in mind that you have the ability to win all the time.

When you win, you have ‘fought a good fight’ and when you lose, it doesnt mean that you are weak but you need another strategy to attack the enemy.

Enemy- is not only a human but includes different challenges that we encounter.

Be ready to ‘guard your loins’ against the wicked ones of our time, always remember that we live in a world where certain people are lazy to fight their challenges to have food on their table but are ready to inflict pains on their fellow humans by stealing from them but as a good fighter, try not lose to them, but fight to win.

No one will fight for you if you don’t put up a brave mind to take up your challenges, you need to know that it is quite hard to find someone who will let you down easy if you fall.

It takes the survival of the fittest to be happy in this evil universe. People come to you with smiling faces and look innocent, be careful, deceit is not written on anyone’s forehead.

You could take a risk and trust with your instinct. In order not to be disappointed I try not to trust anyone, but it’s not easy not to trust anyone especially your family and friends, and annoyingly strangers.

We cannot win all the time but when you put an effort not to lose, and you did fail, you will be relieve easily knowing that you gave it a short.

It’s all about winning and losing, have these mindset and you won’t be sad or disappointed all the time.

The world itself is a game, you have to be ‘master of the game’ to win most of it.

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