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We are in a universe where you need a tough talent to survive and to standout, you have to be a genius with your artistry. Some have archived what seem impossible, they introduced their technique or you could call it brilliance and they were breathtaking what they have accomplished, … they built empires and made …

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Have you ever gone through betrayal, you won’t know this feeling if you have not. At a point we must have felt the adoring warm, tender, affectionate feeling called LOVE, but betrayal is like a beast that consumes us at a point of treachery.(it is the end product of love gone bad). You think of …

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Just another day at work listening to ‘that should be me’ by Bieber featuring Rascal Flatts, good music is good to the soul,some times, its like a drug or therapy, no doubt, with my laptop on my thighs, a boring day because of the aborted proposed warning Industrial Strike that made the day horrible. It …

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Cannot stop thinking what people have in mind each time there is a communication. No more sincerity, it’s all deceit everywhere, you really need to connect to that world where things are flowing on the surface to avoid this. Have you ever been there before, seriously, if you have not, find someone who has, it …

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The Flood

The Lagos State government is really setting an example for other states to follow, and I hope they see this as a medium of competition to wining the best governor of the year. If you know the history of Nigerian Governance, you will all agree with me that, with this competitive form of governance, The country …

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Game Plan

Novak really showed a great level of playing at the just concluded Wimbledon where he beat Rafa in four sets at the final, and becoming the new world no. one, it is really amazing. he must have done his home work real good, studied, watched, strategized and listened before he could get to this level. …

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Knowing You.

Be careful because what works for others may not work for you, there are tendencies you may end up living a double life, (copying others, which is found in all works of life). It is found in all of us That you see she is successful or happy,does not mean what worked for her will …

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