Education is an essential commodity,  in some parts of the world, it has no meaning to people because whatever they choose to do would give them a good living, because in some parts, it is not even a guarantee to have a good life. Some can afford it why some could not. If your lucky enough, a scholarship would be involved but this is not common in all countries, in fact, the corrupt see this a medium to steal. I witness this during my time in the university.

Learning is expensive to the extent that some do whatever it takes to acquire this knowledge, from selling, odd jobs among others.

I was watching World View on CNN by Guillermo Arduino on 4th September 2011. He featured J.P. Sorianao, GMA News Manila reporting on education in  a remote part of Philipines, it was heartbreaking what the kids were exposed to because of knowledge acquisition.

The scenario:

( They wake up as early as 4 am)

The very little ones go to school in a nearby village in  few boats available, the other wrap their uniforms in nylons and swim to school, Soriano tried to swim with them and got tired after 10 minutes, they get to school wet and cold, change their wet clothe, and head to class, after school, they go back home by swimming, but this time, they  go for some fun by jumping a cliff to swim back home.

The reporter said that funds had been raised to build 14 boats for  them.

Theses kids shows enthusiasm in pursuit of education, they know the worth of it and they strive for it.

Ironically, people were persuaded to get education in some parts, this happens in the northern parts of Nigeria where education is almost free and accessible.

Make an impact and support a child to school.

This is not necessary paying for the tuition, it could be by moral support, telling them, how important education would help to create a better future for them, let them see why they should take it seriously and get the best out of it.

Please do these and you will be making the world a better place to live…


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