Traffic cripples the daily activities in Lagos State. This has not reduced the number of the population that migrate from other locations both locals and foreigners. You could call the State the ‘Rush-hour’ State. There are complains everywhere  but no one would do something about the traffic.

The bad roads make the  traffic worse and life of the people miserable. With an opportunity, most people would not live in Lagos State.

When in traffic, you will have to  watch over your shoulders for arm robberies, fire accidents, gunshots and so many other atrocities the hoodlums commit.

Bike riders(okada) are another disease eating up Lagos State, they expect cars and commuters to make way for them, in fact, one would run mad listening to bikers, and you must never drive the way they tell you to drive car owners.

I almost forgot the commercial bus conductors, these set of people are simply insane, they make you laugh and wanna cry at times. The conductors create chaos in every ‘nook and cranny’ of Lagos State, their bus drivers, OMG(laughing), does not know the meaning of traffic light or road signs.

Each time you want to get some laugh or get mad, try the commercial buses, the conductor could get into an argument with his driver, a biker or another car. Listening to them, its hilarious when you are lucky to meet the humorous one but sickening when you meet the bad one.

One day in a bus on my way to work, the traffic was so heavy that my bus driver took a one-way with a reverse(laughing), try to picture this, vehicles are coming on high-speed and my bus driver was busy driving backward on a wrong lane, very risky. I enjoyed it actually, not driving on the wrong but the thought of what he did.

Another scenario is when all the passengers in the bus are up against the driver and his conductor for making a wrong driving decision, when the driver drives through a wrong lane/route to cut traffic and it backfires, the passengers could tear the driver into pieces by the words of their mouth but when he gets through, he becomes their superhero.

Craziness and fun is what you experience when you move around by buses in Lagos State, you are missing if you have not tried it.

Please share with us your experience.



  1. Escada

    I don’t even know where to begin with the menace called Lagos traffic. It’s a phenomenon on its own. Where do I begin? The bad roads? Uncouth drivers and the ever-daunting presence of the so-called traffic officials or should I say animals in uniform? I am already boiling just thinking about;all I can say is one day at a time. Lovely piece by the way. Lovely.

    • Lol, you actually know what they are, I totally agree with those kind words you used to qualified them . They make life unbearable for the inhabitants of our dear State. I hope and pray that the situation would change very soon before everyone runs mad.

      Thanks for reading and your comment.

      Keep reading and commenting please.


  2. Olivier

    Huh oh… ok… I don’t want to try it even if it seems like fun to you lol 🙂

    • hey Olivier,
      dont get scared by that video, it is fun, there are many foreigners living here.its nice place to be.

      you should try it out.

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