NIGERIA- The SNG group played a role in swearing-in of Jonathan as President in 2010 and later as substantive President.

The government made the citizens believed that the nation is in economy shambles due to the N1.1 trillion deficit by removing the fuel subsidy , the minister of finance even threatened to quit her job should the subsidy removal be reversed.

Nigerians are worried due to the removal of fuel subsidy, they do not know what the government would pull the next day, we live in a country where the rich trample upon the poor, they never want the poor to have food on their table, and the poor are seen as a disease that you must avoid at all cost.

The government no doubt would not feel the pain that we feel and the impact of the fuel subsidy in the nation,

The SNG described the fuel price hike as inhumane, adding that the government’s campaigns on the policy was fraudulent.

It added that the government was bent on forcing Nigerians “to accept an evil World Bank/Western Imperialist-policy that will further heighten the hardship and anguish of the people with consternation.”

The group said its research had revealed the truth about the actual price of getting petroleum product in the Nigerian market which is N40.02 per litre.

Petroleum products costs about N9 in Venezuela; N16 in Libya; N18 in Saudi Arabia; N31 in Kuwait; N32 in Qatar; N40 in Bahrain; N54 in UAE; and N58 in Iran per litre but Nigerian government has decided to be different (and evil) from theses countries.

This government is bent on empowering the corrupt no matter what, or how could someone explain the ‘hand written on the wall’ that says “The Corrupt Government”.

The SNG stated, “The President should know that where he refuses to reverse this ugly policy of his government, the same Nigerians who protested/struggled under the umbrella of SNG to make him the president of the country will not hesitate to reclaim their mandate using the same means with the attendant consequences. I am in support of this notion, he needs to be impeached

There are so many things the government should have put in place before the removal of fuel subsidy, this time is totally wrong for it. Even if this is right for the country, how true is the government going to use it with a good management.

FELA DUROTOYE- How will a wasteful government suddenly realize the genius of prudence and making the right investment decisions simply because there is more money available from oil subsidy removal?

Will there be less graft & bribes involved in process of issuing the road contracts or power contracts?

Have we sought to honestly find every way we can plug wastage in our leaking economy before we ask a feeble populace to carry the burden of corruption and gross ineptitude of a gluttonous few?

Have the Presidency, the State & Local Governments and the Legislature discovered how to travel without a convoy of 20 cars to the airport?

Can the occupiers of these lofty positions act in honour as Barack Obama did in 2010 when he got every member of his cabinet to take a pay cut, starting with himself? Former president Bill Clinton also introduced a pay cut during his government.

Within his first few days as British Prime Minister, David Cameron led the austerity cuts (upon his assumption) by cutting down his convoy to 2 cars and one outrider. The Members of Parliament in Britain are now only allowed 3rd class train tickets on official travel (as opposed to their traditional first class train ticket allowances). The Mayor of London now rides a bicycle to work.
Leadership by example!!!

How come our ‘leaders’ in government earn so much and still spend so much furnishing the same houses and offices they furnished with our money last year? They furnish their houses every year, this is absolutely ridiculous.

Do you furnish your office every year? Why should the President, Governor or Senate President?

The poor are paying for their sins of embezzlement.

Save Nigerians please.



  1. ibrahim aisha

    Very well said,I think d politician are killing this country,look @ their take monthly?it is so unfair,we want justices

    • The politicians think our nation belongs to them alone, but it time to tell them, it belongs to all of us.

      Thanks for reading and keep reading please.

      Take care of you Aisha.

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