Celebrating valentine!

Celebrating Valentine!

I forgot it’s going to be 14th of February tomorrow until my colleague mentioned valentine. I am not particularly freaked about this day, love is what I give everyday and not reserved for a specific date. Many people have this opinion, while some see this day as a day to get drunk and probably hook up.

This day is celebrated as international festival annually around the world in all countries. This is a magical day. It is believed that Valentine’s Day is celebrated to commemorate the patron Saint Valentine. Saint. Valentine was a Roman priest during the reign of Emperor Claudius II.

The Emperor Claudius banned marriages. The loving St. Valentine opposed this and helped young couple getting married. The Saint was punished and he was assassinated on Feb 14. People around the world celebrate this day in memory of St Valentine, How sweet.

Love should start from you. Do you love yourself? If you do not, there’s no guarantee that you can love someone else.

How to truly love yourself is the most important thing you will ever explore. The results are high self-esteem. Then you can allow yourself to enjoy prosperity, success, healthy body, loving people in your life, and much more.

“Focus each day not on what you can accomplish, but how much caring and love you express to others and yourself.” – Helene Rothschild.

We desire love all the time. When we do not feel that powerful emotion we are in some form of pain. Our soul wants to express love and be loved. It is important to keep in mind that true love is unconditional. In other words, it is not, “If you loved me you would buy me an expensive present.”

A true love goes beyond buying of gifts, it is about telling someone that you care for him and love him unconditionally.

The spirit of the celebration is expressing love and that is the most powerful gift. Tell your loved ones you love them in different ways.

Most of all show love to the less privilege. Some guys are out there with no shelter, food, clean water and no money and this list is endless. Touch a life and make someone smile by showing some love.

Ways people celebrate Valentine:

  •  This is a day to remember St Valentine
  • This is a day to tell your loved one that you love him/her
  • This is wonderful day to propose someone, if you have been planning to do so for a long time
  • This is a perfect day to get married or commit for long term relationship
  • If you have all of above – have a good time with your partners. Give flower, gift, praise and say the 3 magical words

Some of the things to help you enjoy your Val’s day:

Suggestion for man – Things to do

* Give Flowers, Bouquet

* You cant go wrong if you buy Diamond. Ofcourse do not stretch your budget. You do not want to give headache to her     for a month by overspending

* Many women love gold Jewelry too. Gold Jewelry generally appreciates over time. It is good investment – both for your family and account

* praise her, tell her she is special.

* Go to movie or bar or club. Eat out

* Travel somewhere for couple of days. Spend few nights away from home.

Suggestion for woman

* Decorate the house. Prepare the dessert you he likes

* Plan for a movie.

* Write a note to your partner. Put it in place where he/she can find it as surprise.

* Call his at work couple of times. Go to his work place and have lunch together.

* Plan to watch a game he likes.

* Dress special

Don’t get tired of saying the 3 magical words – I LOVE U to people around you.




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