Marie Antoinette, the ‘Queen of Fashion’!

Marie Antoinette was born on November 2, 1755 in Austria and married to Prince Louis Auguste of France at the age of 15. She made a distinction in fashion in the 1770s, and set the standards for trends of the time.  She was a subject of several fashion magazines, books and movies. She surfaced in Sofia Coppola’s2006 movie with the face of Kirsten Durst. She knew with no doubt that style is age-appropriate for every woman. She stood as a figure of supreme style and was regarded as the ‘Queen of Fashion’ by Caroline Weber in her book. At an early age, Marie knew that her fashion was a tool of survival and as a symbol of authority.

She saw clothing/fashion as a tool of power to be possessed. Clothing became her confidence, in fact, she transformed into style and creativity. You could say, she used this medium to pass a message to the European countries.

She used her fashion as a revolutionary tool.

Her mothers’ warning, ‘All eyes will be fixed on you’ might have given birth to her image.

She was a fashion legend, and French-women imitated her style before the fall-out. She inspired the world first fashion Magazine.

Her style will always remain in Vogue.

Fashion and style is associated with powerful women. Your style tells who you are. People talk to you according to your style, you simply would command respect with what you wear. ‘Fashion => Powerful’.

She enlisted the help of her maids to achive her style and she was incredibly creative with her clothing. She spent so much on fashion that Weber regarded her as a ‘Slave to Fashion’ in her book.

Amazingly, she hid a pristine white dress in her cell and wore it on the day of her death. ‘It was a testament to her unbroken spirit and her effort to, one more time, greet the French public in as powerful, dignified and unbroken a manner as possible’ –Weber.

This is a unique and a touching way to show her final style of her lifetime.

It is sad that she was a victim of rivalry and confusion.

In the ‘Queen of Fashion’, what Marie wore to the Revolution shows how she developed her reputation for fashionable excess. Weber also explains the political controversies that her clothing provoked.

Get the ‘Queen of Fashion’ and enjoy the lively explanation of Marie Antoinette’s sense of style.

Wether in our 20s, 40s, 60s, or any age at all, we want to look stylish. The trick is to keep our wardrobes age-appropriate by avoiding matronly looks when we are younger and abstain from showing too much skin as we mature.


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