Words – Where I grew-up is like an egg when spoken cannot be taken back, immediately broken, and cannot be scooped.

Words makes the world go around.

It makes peace and it creates war.

It brings about love and hatred

Word makes us laugh and makes us cry

It makes us agitated and relaxes us

It makes us go an extra mile and otherwise

It breaks us and makes us strong

Words is a tool of destruction and restructure

Le mot, it makes us wanna talk to you more and makes us never wanna see you again

It is a powerful tool that brings the universe together

It brings out the beauty in diversities of life

It creates existence and leads to demise

Choice of it makes forceful impact

It is full of life

It binds and tears apart

Words are like two-edged sword that brings love and assurance

Words are sharp and can cut sharply and deep into the soul

Word is beautiful,

Enough of it is never enough



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