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Complicated Personality

She shields herself with the Berlin wall She wants no closeness Vulnerable on the inside and vicious on the outside Afraid on the inside but brave on the outside Shields herself from people but craves affection Young but mature Intelligence but irrational Love being pampered but loves to be in control Living a contradictory life …

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Life is a journey, and it has no meaning when you stop believing it. A girl from a small town has a dream and she keeps going everywhere to make her dreams come true. She was exposed to a lot of shits, going from a close door to another, a music on her Ipod keeps …

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Out of Reach

He makes me feel vulnerable standing in front of me I feel my heart burning with desire because I couldn’t tell him how I feel about him His possible rejection scares me to death Saying his name makes me happy and sad There he is, in front of me, and I have an urge to …

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  Words – Where I grew-up is like an egg when spoken cannot be taken back, immediately broken, and cannot be scooped. Words makes the world go around. It makes peace and it creates war. It brings about love and hatred Word makes us laugh and makes us cry It makes us agitated and relaxes …

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Won’t give up

How many times have you thought of giving up We have come so far I look up to you to make this work Even if the road is rough I still look up to you I will give you some space when you want it But I wont give up I have put in so …

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Love of writing…Art

  It has been a long time since I updated my blog, more than a month I think. Work has been hectic, and the little time I have, I crave for some rest, and just thought about using some magic to update my blog, but am no harry potter. And I have missed writing like …

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FaCtS of FriEndShiP

A friend is an asset A friend drives you to Excellence You are naked before a friend with confidence U call a friend at any time, day/night and anywhere A friend tells you things you never know A friend is there for you all the time A friend is an asset you should keep and …

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Dealing with multiple emotions

I have been overwhelmed with work lately, I had not time to write, each time I have ideas in my head, and I simply create a getaway from all the troubles and think about my characters. I got lazy about writing after sometime but I knew I would eventually pick up my laptop and write. …

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You lose some & Win some

We live in a world full of war, uncertainties, disasters and outrageous crimes. For survival, you need a certain mindset, have in mind that you have the ability to win all the time. When you win, you have ‘fought a good fight’ and when you lose, it doesnt mean that you are weak but you …

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