Work Luk – insyle

Which of these is your best work style?


Instyle lukz of da day

Oslen in Valentino


Palermo in Zara



Eva in Ann Taylor

Kate in cool assemble!


These are some of my best Instyle look of today.  And I pick JLo as my best style both in colour, but they all look exotic.

Have your pick!

It’s the Festival we have been waiting for – EASTER!

‘… Let the weak say – I am strong, let the poor say – I am rich, let the blind say – I can see …

Hosanna hosanna to the lamb that was slain, hosanna hosanna Jesus Christ has rose again…’

This is one of the songs that will be sang in churches across the world, celebrating the death and risen of Christ our Lord.

Christ died on Friday and resurrected on the third day (Sunday), this is the believe behind Easter celebration.

Easter is celebrated among christians; it is a festival that we all look unto for vacation and festivities from the beginning of the year.

There are decorations everywhere, and all you see is beauty, there are decoration of eggs, chocolates, flags, you name it. Different types of foods, and snacks. Gifts and cards are exchanged. Hot cros buns are traditionally eaten on fridays in some countries, boiled egg, roast lambs, and simnel cakes are eaten at these period. In the UK, Sunrise service is observed on Easter Sunday’s.

To get the total Easter history, google Easter and get all the scope.

NIGERIA – Easter is one of the cherished and celebrated Christian festivals. It is celebrated differently in different countries and traditions.

Growing up – we were usually on holidays from schools during this period, always happy for the good foods, drinks, cloths, and visitation for friends and families.

We celebrate Easter Fridays, Easter Sundays, and Easter Mondays.

Most people spend these days in the house of God, and get back home on Sunday for the festivities.

Some churches go to where they call the Mountains to sing and dance with trumpets and different music instrument ‘waiting on the lord’. Though I must say that am not sure while they go there at all, but what counts is they are worshiping God. While some spend these days at the clubs partying.

There is always so much noise that I always bury myself in my closet.

Grown up and independent – people are happy to get away from work to be with friend and families. I never heard of Easter eggs, egg hunt or Easter bunny while growing up, but things have changed and these Easter traditions have been included in the Easter activities in Nigeria.

While some people are on vacation to get some rest before going back to work, some are busy spending their savings to have a big party, and end up going back to work exhausted.

Many activities would e on the TV and every nook and cranny, I am not anti-Easter but, I will basically be eating, listening to music, singing along, watching films, and would sleep for at least 15 hours in one of these days, yes I love to sleep a lot.

This is how I will celebrate my Eater holidays.

Happy EASTER dear readers and show love to the world.

The Last Idol – 09


To get to this point in a reality show, you have to be exceptionally talented, not just singing for fun but singing as a great performer and an entertainer. You need to be a message carrier to your audience.

Hints on the last 10:


He is incredibly talented, while watching him, I knew he is a serious contender for the spot before Randy even said it. He moves my spirit when he sings. He has the charisma and the superstar look and a nice voice. He always has the hearts of his fan after his performance.  His fashion style is cool and edgy. I like him and he has my vote.


I am a lover of country music. She sang Miranda’s song very good, but am not her fan. No beefs Skylar but you are a good singer, you wouldn’t be here if you are not good.


I love his fun side and wish he could have a place on stage till the season finally when the number one spot owner claims it. He stepped up ,which could be due to his sensitiveness to criticisms last week. He had a little tone hitch but I like his song more than Skylar. I knew it would be by miracle for him to survive that night. I was not disappointment he got evicted but sad for him. He took corrections, and he know this when he said, ‘I didn’t want to let my fans down and I didn’t want to let myself down’ very touchy!


She channeled Carrie Underwood. I love her dress. She nailed the song even though not all the judges agreed with her pitch. To me, she was superb.


I love this guy, he is very beautiful. He is Eric Benet in younger version. His hair is one of a kind. I like to see him in the last four. He sang well so much that Jlo begged the Americans to vote for him. Deandre, you have my vote buddy!


Wow, musicians are born. She is born an entertainer. She woos the crowd each time she performs. A strict contender for the spot. Colton, better be careful otherwise you lose the spot to her. Yes. I love her gestures and emotion during her performance. Incredible girl.

Phillip Phillips

OMG, this guy is the best of all the guys. He is a born musician, he puts music first. He is music! He makes me smile when he sings. He’s gat the magic to win this. He makes everything/worries go away. Smiling and singing at the same time makes me go crazy for him. His voice is sexy, and his vibes send some electrons through my vein. Even if he didn’t win the spot, he will make a great career as a musician. I love you and hope to see you out of my window every night.


It is a no for me with his jacket. He has a big and great voice, and he rendered Mariah’s song very beautifully. He sang and shed idol tears. Brilliant!


Am not a fan but she gat the swagger. She is a good entertainer.

I love Scotty’s performance and Nicky’s on thursday, and was sad that Heejune was evicted.


Good music heals my soul. I love it like I love life. It is a melody that gives all happiness you could ever want.


It is a therapy to my soul, and I love it like love.

It unites the heart of all nations and bring people together from different backgrounds.

It is a tool of liberation.

When I listen to music, I forget how much I worry about this chaotic world we live in, and how desperately I needed more cloths, shoes and jewellries. I totally forget all my worries, isn’t this feeling splendid?

A good music is a source of my timeless and priceless happiness that I could not get from anywhere else except God (even God loves music, remember the psalmist), not even from a man. you can not describe this happiness, this emotional state is endless.

Music is a tool of joy that takes sadness away and introduces soberness.

It makes me dream dreams, and I love the feeling it gives me like a love song.

Music shares the past, present and future with me. All genres of music have their audiences’ and  different ways to heal their soul and bring them together.

I have come to love music, especially country musics which relaxes my soul.

It makes me feel like a new-born,  and the emotions I get from it makes me flow like a river . It sure fills my head with a lot of memories and ideas and gives me the passage to escape this wicked world.

I dont ever want this melody feeling to end because it makes me take control whenever am losing hope.

Music is so damn good to heal your soul!


Marie Antoinette, the ‘Queen of Fashion’!

Marie Antoinette was born on November 2, 1755 in Austria and married to Prince Louis Auguste of France at the age of 15. She made a distinction in fashion in the 1770s, and set the standards for trends of the time.  She was a subject of several fashion magazines, books and movies. She surfaced in Sofia Coppola’s2006 movie with the face of Kirsten Durst. She knew with no doubt that style is age-appropriate for every woman. She stood as a figure of supreme style and was regarded as the ‘Queen of Fashion’ by Caroline Weber in her book. At an early age, Marie knew that her fashion was a tool of survival and as a symbol of authority.

She saw clothing/fashion as a tool of power to be possessed. Clothing became her confidence, in fact, she transformed into style and creativity. You could say, she used this medium to pass a message to the European countries.

She used her fashion as a revolutionary tool.

Her mothers’ warning, ‘All eyes will be fixed on you’ might have given birth to her image.

She was a fashion legend, and French-women imitated her style before the fall-out. She inspired the world first fashion Magazine.

Her style will always remain in Vogue.

Fashion and style is associated with powerful women. Your style tells who you are. People talk to you according to your style, you simply would command respect with what you wear. ‘Fashion => Powerful’.

She enlisted the help of her maids to achive her style and she was incredibly creative with her clothing. She spent so much on fashion that Weber regarded her as a ‘Slave to Fashion’ in her book.

Amazingly, she hid a pristine white dress in her cell and wore it on the day of her death. ‘It was a testament to her unbroken spirit and her effort to, one more time, greet the French public in as powerful, dignified and unbroken a manner as possible’ –Weber.

This is a unique and a touching way to show her final style of her lifetime.

It is sad that she was a victim of rivalry and confusion.

In the ‘Queen of Fashion’, what Marie wore to the Revolution shows how she developed her reputation for fashionable excess. Weber also explains the political controversies that her clothing provoked.

Get the ‘Queen of Fashion’ and enjoy the lively explanation of Marie Antoinette’s sense of style.

Wether in our 20s, 40s, 60s, or any age at all, we want to look stylish. The trick is to keep our wardrobes age-appropriate by avoiding matronly looks when we are younger and abstain from showing too much skin as we mature.


I will be introducing a fashion page very soon to my dear blog. I love fashion and style, even though, many people like it, some do like it with great passion. I love it with great passion.

Fashion is what you wear and who you are. It completes and give confidence to the wearer. You feel in charge of your environments, if you are a shy person, you won’t be shy when you are confident in what you wear.

A great body goes hand in hand with a good style, so this is a good opportunity to ‘kill two birds with one stone”, you need to work-out (exercise) to have a great body that brings out your sense and taste of style, keep fit and healthy. You see, good health even comes with  “killer” fashion and style.

When people look and admire you, and when you get the “you look stunning” comment, you feel super happy.

I will look at the life of Marie Antoinette in the near week.

It is my dream that I get to go to fashion weeks someday. I look forward to them.

Fellas, stay tuned to my new page, you will be entertained across the globe.



We live and mature by making mistakes as guidance to grow and gain confidence in ourselves.

Looking at this vividly, mistakes define our lives, you might not agree with this notion but it makes us who we are.

Making mistakes is  acceptable but, making the same mistake is unpleasant. Living miserable, means, you live a life of repeating the same mistake over and over.

You learn through mistakes, right, this generation seems lazy to analyze their mistakes and learn from them. They want to be spoon-fed, get everything by not working for them, expecting ‘Manna from Heaven’.

Too many mistakes in my life, I am susceptible to laziness when it comes to analyzing and learning from my mistakes, the fact is, once I made a mistake and reel from it, I forgot how disappointed I was or the pains that came with it, it’s like a pregnant woman who at labour, caused and swore that she would never do this again, but after the baby comes out, she forgets her pains and wanna do it again. We don’t need to be that pregnant woman, the mistakes we make shape our future, we can’t forget the disappointments and pains, we need strategies to avoid mistakes most importantly, the same mistakes.

I  have made a lot of mistakes with guys, my career, my friends, my family, in everything that has made me up. You are not an exception!

We have all forgot that mistakes leads to correction and avoidance, but it has practically become who we are. ( we tend to feel indifferent at times about out mistakes and accept them, by this, you are simply accommodating more and probably telling your future-‘ to hell with you’).

How awful, for a mess/mistake to be connected to an individual.

We cannot avoid mistakes, at times, they are out of ignorance. The moment we realize that our actions are messy, the best is to analyze and learn from them and avoid making them further. I feel so sad, when I meet people who do not give a damn about their actions, they don’t care about the consequences of their actions to themselves or other people, they never see this as a mistake but as who they wanna be.

Mistake is an action or judgement that is misguided or wrong.

Avoid mistakes to make your world appealing and accommodating.

Mistakes are inevitable just as ‘we cannot direct the Wind, but we can adjust the Sail’.



I felt empty, lost and dejected, and didn’t realize when I wondered into the thick forest, guess what I saw? I saw a cheetah watching me soliloquise.

Then the Cheetah came close; I was scared to the ground, and you know how fast he can be. There is no way on earth I could outrun him, absolutely no way, because I am no Superwoman but I wish I had the Vampire Blood in me for the strength to march the Cheetah’s fast moves

I resigned my faith and waited to be devoured, to my greatest surprise, he came to me gazing directly at me, expecting that I should take an action ( he later told me that he thought I will be foolish to attach him or run).

Surprisingly, he said me…

Cheetah: hey, am sure you are lost.

Me: Yes I am.

Cheetah: (laughed) how could this be possible, don’t you have boundaries, you should not be here.

Me: I was daydreaming and lost track of time and my bearings.

Cheetah: This is a great mistake, others must not find you here, come.

Me: what do you mean, (I hesitated and followed him at last)

Cheetah: am trying to save your ass, common.

Me: OMG, thank you.

Cheetah: I could have prey on you when I laid my eyes on you, but I just had my meal, I could not destroy such a beautiful woman for fun of it.

Me: You think I am beautiful?

Cheetah: of course you are, you must have tons of boyfriends and  you must be proud of your beauty.

Me: That is the last thing I will do, beauty is in the eyes of the behold. Come to think of it, no guy has swept me off my feet yet.

Cheetah: That is odd.

( here comes a lion)

Lion: hey Cheetah, I smell a human.

Cheetah: No, you don’t. I bet ,you are sleepwalking and what you smell is only in your dreams.

Lion: You know that I will do everything in my power to get to that meat(referring to me).

Cheetah: Alright she is mine!

Lion: Since when do we have a right to a meal

Cheetah: Since today

Lion: You know what am capable of

Cheetah: Please don’t start your bluff, there’s abosolutel nothing you can do

Lion: Why are you defending these stinking human, human’s would not do the same for you.


I know a girl who has always wanted to be a banker/accountant. She works where she never imagined when she was little and dream dreams, she hates this place but she has no choice but keep the job. She contemplated many times to quit, but she knew the result would be penury.

In her society, or I could say her family, once you have acquired the  first degree, you are left to fend for yourself.

She needed to do her masters but there are no resources to back this up. The life she lives is completely different from what she has dreamed of.

Being an accountant is what seems impossible to achieve, it’s possible, but a lot has to be done. She is simply helpless at this stage of her life.

This is a strong girl who can achieve whatever is achievable, the society has thrown unpleasantries at her, she has kept on well so far, the question is, when is she going to start living her dreams.

Depression is what she battles with daily.

I keep telling her not to let her guards down, but be on the alert for her opportunities. Some would have probably gone beyond the level she is,  but she is patient and knows that her time will come. I admire this about her. She is very optimistic.

The dream to have a job she loves, to have a family she so much craves for are all in her thoughts day by day. Most times she create an imaginary world of her own where she breaks away from this world, she lives a life of a fairytale in her world, where she controls all the characters in her world. This world is filled with laughter.

I do like her because she never quits until she has what she wants.

Way to go girl, don’t get tired.

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